Cattai Creek Castle Hill

Enjoy views of waterholes and cascades along Cattai Creek and learn more about Sydney’s native plants. No matter what the season there will be plants blooming here to enjoy.


Cattai Creek is one of the tributaries of the Hawkesbury River. It rises in Castle Hill and this walk is along the upper reaches of the creek. The meeting place for the walk is a fire trail off Ridgecrop Drive, Castle Hill. The track descends through open sandstone woodland. This hillside is one of the best places to see flannel flowers blooming in Castle Hill. On reaching the valley floor, the trees become taller and more prolific.Soon we reach Cattai Creek where it plunges over a series of cascades into a deep water hole. The return walk is along a tributary creek. There is  a short steep climb up to the fire trail which leads back to the start of the walk.

Length:3 km

Grade: Medium. Includes rough bush tracks, several minor creek crossings

Duration: 2 hours

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