Waterfall Walk Hunt’s Creek

Walk in the hidden sandstone valley of Hunts Creek.  The highlight of this walk is the waterfall below which is a beautiful pool surrounded by ferns and calicomas.IMG_Hunts Creek Hunts Creek is one of the major tributaries of the Parramatta River. The Waterfall Walk is in the upper reaches of the Creek at Carlingford. This area was once weed infested but has benefited from systematic bush regeneration over a number of years. The hillsides sloping down to the creek are vegetated with Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest. Most of these trees were cleared for farming and housing so those  which remain are now an endangered community. The walk commences on the south facing creek bank where under the trees is mainly an understorey of ferns. The waterfall is in the centre of the walk so the first views are from above the waterfall. Later on the waterfall will be seen from the lower path which skirts the pool below the falls. The walk  on the north facing side of the creek is through drier landscape so the plants are different.

Length: 2 kilometres

Grade: Easy. Note one creek crossing

Duration: 2 Hours

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