Wildflower Walk Kenthurst

A special walk to be enjoyed in late winter or early Spring.  Here the drab grey green of the foliage springs to life in pink, red, yellow, white and blue.

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This is an opportunity to learn more about Sydney’s diverse flora which is seen at its spectacular best on the nutrient poor soils on sandstone ridges such as this one. The walk follows a fire trail along a sandy ridge top at the end of Jones Road Kenthurst. This is a special environment to explore as most ridges in the Hills District have been cleared for housing developments. Pleasant views across to nearby Annangrove and beyond can be seen and enjoyed. The vegetation soon changes to a dense heath which looks drab in summer but blooms in a variety of colours from mid Winter until late Spring. The diverse flora which flourishes here will be interpreted and enjoyed. A side path leads through casuarina woodland across a sandstone outcrop with its own distinctive vegetation to another loop on the fire trail. A short detour downhill takes us to a sandstone outcrop with fascinating shapes and colours to admire. We follow the fire trail back to our commencement point but not before many other beautiful flowers have been admired and identified.

Length: 2 kilometres
Grade: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours


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