Tall Timbers on Terry’s Creek

Walk  along the valley of Terry’s Creek to see remnants of the Blue Gum High Forest, learn about the plants which grow in the forest and enjoy the lovely creek valley.

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Meet at Eastwood Railway Station on the east side. After walking along some suburban streets we enter the valley of Terry’s Creek. Soon we reach the site of the ford over the creek which is adjacent to  the site of the first night’s camp on the Great North Road to Newcastle. This part of the walk is dominated by Blue Gum High Forest which once was common on the North Shore but is now an endangered vegetation community. As we walk further along the creek past sandstone outcrops we enter Sandstone Gully Forest where the dominant trees are Angophoras or Sydney Red Gums. A beautiful feature of this walk is the pool and  waterfall which was once a popular swimming hole. Close to the Epping Road bridge there is a large sandstone shelter. At Epping Road Bridge we cross the creek to walk along the other side through Dence Park to Epping station.

Length: 5 kilometres

Grade: Medium Rough bush tracks, two creek crossings

Duration: 3 hours



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