Lake Parramatta

Lake Parramatta was built to provide the water supply for Parramatta and later was the home of Australia’s largest inland lifesaving club.  This is particularly beautiful walk in Spring. 
jf_images (1002 of 33)The walk starts at the cafe and we will then walk to look at the dam wall from above and below. The dam wall was built using techniques developed by the ancient Romans. This is a steep descent and ascent. Once up on the other side it is a leisurely walk beside  the lake enjoying the views and seeing a large variety of plants. From late winter until late Spring there will be flowers of many shapes and colours to admire. The next point of interest is the remains of the old road which was built to bring the stone in to build the dam wall. The stone was quarried on the property of James Pye which was on the other side of North Rocks road.  The lake narrows as we get to the top of the lake and remnant rainforest can be seen in the cooler conditions. At the top of the lake we cross Hunts Creek. From here it is possible to walk up the Creek to Carlingford but we will be turning to walk back along the other side of the lake past sandstone outcrops and tributary creek gullies.

Length: 4.2km

Grade: Medium: Some rough sections

Duration: 3 hours (Note a 2 hour walk can be planned)



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