Parramatta River Walk

Walk from Rhodes Station across the Parramatta River on the old railway bridge to Meadowbank Memorial Park. . Learn about the early European settlements and the Aboriginal heritage of the river. We will meet at Rhodes Station and walk to the Parramatta River. We will cross the river on the first railway bridge built 1888 for the new railway line to Newcastle. The footpath at the end of the bridge leads to IMG_3012Meadowbank Park where there is a war memorial to World War II created in 1995. This is also the site of the Meadowbank baths on the Parramatta River. We will then take the River Walk from Meadowbank to Kissing Point. This easy walk follows the shoreline and features interpretive signs and artworks which tell the stories of the Wallumattagal people and of European settlement. This area, originally known at The Farms of the Eastern Boundary and then The Field of Mars, was first settled in 1791. There are many stories to tell from this rich history. The return trip will be by ferry from Kissing Point to Circular Quay or back to Meadowbank.

Length: 4.6 km

Grade: Easy

Duration 3 Hours       .

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