Balls Head Reserve

Walk from Waverton Station to Ball’s Head, the highest point on the Harbour west of the Bridge. See reminders of the Aboriginal people who lived here, beautiful views and bushland. 

Coal Loader

The first part of this walk is along Ball’s Head Road. Stunning views over Ball’s Head Bay and Berry’s Bay will be enjoyed as we walk past HMAS Waterhen to the Aboriginal engraving outside the former Coal Loader. After exploring the Coal Loader, now a Community Environment Centre, we will walk through a woodland of Angophoras to the Flagpole  Picnic area, the highest point west of the Harbour Bridge.

At the end of Ball’s Head there is a panorama of the Sydney skyline, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour and Goat Island.On the Eastern side of the headland is an Aboriginal occupation shelter, from which many artefacts have been excavated. The  walk  back to Waverton Station is through parkland created on the former BP Berry’s Bay Oil Terminal.

Length: 3 kilometres

Grade: Easy to Medium. Some rough sections and stairs to climb

Duration: 3 hours


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