Blue Gum Creek Kenthurst

Walk along a sandstone ridge vegetated with a stunning diversity of plants flourishing in nutrient poor soils. Descend a steep hillside to walk among the Blue Gums in the valley.

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This walk provides the opportunity to see rare examples of once common Sydney bushland vegetation types. The walk commences on a sandstone ridge where Sydney sandstone heathland plants flourish. The sandy soil is porous and lacking in essential nutrients such as calcium and  phosphorous yet it maintains an amazing diversity of plants. From late Winter to late Spring this patch of bushland resembles a garden. A steep descent leads to the valley of Blue Gum Creek where a forest of Sydney Blue Gums flourish in the cool moist environment. These trees and their companions in the forest, the Blackbutts, were highly valued for their timber and cut down so now few remain. Another reminder of early industry can be found on the walk through the valley. This is an abandoned dredge used to extract sand from the creek bed. The return walk is through open sandstone woodland which also has many flowers in the Spring time

Length: 3 km

Grade: Medium. A steep descent and ascent

Duration: 2 hours




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