Lake Parramatta was built to provide the water supply for Parramatta and later was the home of Australia’s largest inland lifesaving club.  This is particularly beautiful walk in Spring. 

Walk through the grounds of Gladesville Hospital and surrounds to see the gardens planted to calm troubled minds and elegant 19th century buildings.

Walk to the site of the first Sydney Harbour Tunnel through bushland reserves  streets with many reminders of Sydney’s maritime past and enjoy stunning Harbour views.

Walk  along the valley of Terry’s Creek to see remnants of the Blue Gum High Forest, learn about the plants which grow in the forest and enjoy the lovely creek valley.

The Sydney bushland was the supermarket, pharmacy and hardware store for the Darug people. After 1788 the Europeans also had to forage for food and materials in the bush. 

Walk along a sandstone ridge vegetated with a stunning diversity of plants flourishing in nutrient poor soils. Descend a steep hillside to walk among the Blue Gums in the valley.

Walk in the hidden sandstone valley of Hunts Creek.  The highlight of this walk is the waterfall below which is a beautiful pool surrounded by ferns and calicomas.

Walk through the leafy streets of Lindfield to enjoy beautiful gardens, natural bushland and homes associated with some Australian literary figures.

Enjoy views of waterholes and cascades along Cattai Creek and learn more about Sydney’s native plants. No matter what the season there will be plants blooming here to enjoy.

Walk from Rhodes Station across the Parramatta River on the old railway bridge to Meadowbank Memorial Park. . Learn about the early European settlements and the Aboriginal heritage of the river.

Walk along part of the valley of Excelsior Creek in Bidjigal Reserve, one of the largest bushland reserves North of Sydney Harbour. 

Travel from Central Station on the Light Rail to Pyrmont Bay Station. Explore  old quarries, the Colonial Sugar Refinery site, old pubs, houses and finger wharves .

A special walk to be enjoyed in late winter or early Spring.  Here the drab grey green of the foliage springs to life in pink, red, yellow, white and blue.

Walk from Waverton Station to Ball’s Head, the highest point on the Harbour west of the Bridge. See reminders of the Aboriginal people who lived here, beautiful views and bushland. 

Walk  a beautiful sandstone gully, past mangroves and climb a hillside of typical Sydney sandstone flora to Berry Island in Sydney Harbour, where middens, grinding grooves and engravings can be seen.